50 Years in 2015: An exciting future that honors our history.

As we enter the new year, all us folks here at WLCAC can’t help but grow excited for 2015: Fifty years after WLCAC was founded in 1965 by my grandpa, Ted Watkins Sr.

Ted Watkins with Cesar Chavez and Walter Reuther

Fifty years:

After the Watts riots ravaged the City of Los Angeles in historic revolt;


Black Past: 103rd Street in Watts known as Charcoal Alley after the riots.

Of service, building, success, fun, friendship and love;

Volunteers working together on an art sculpture

Of struggle, challenges, failures, setbacks and frustration;  

Demanding medical facilities for South LA


Meet Rosby, one of the pleasant voices who answers when you call us.

(Say hi to Rosby, the woman behind one of the voices you’ll hear when calling WLCAC.)


Our plant manager Ron, who keeps our 7-acre sanctuary in shape.

(Say hi to Ron, who keeps our seven-acre sanctuary in top shape, has an amazing singing voice, and will help make your event a success.)


Tim.  Our tireless leader of more than decade, who you might catch him playing piano in our lobby after 5pm.

(Say hi to Tim, our tireless leader for nearly 15 years who is also a husband, father, grandfather, and plays a mean piano in the lobby after hours.)

Here at WLCAC we believe there is purpose and value to be found in every moment, in every life.

Watts Dog, the WLCAC mascot.

(Say hi to Watts Dog, our mascot who you’ll see sunbathing or defending our sanctuary on any given day.)

Today, more than ever we are so thankful to those who have supported us and walked this journey in partnership whether as a teammate, co-laborer, or critic.

"I <3 Watts" -Wood, multimedia. Unknown.

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Tina Watkins

Tina, the person behind most blogs and emails you'll get from us. (That’s me, writing this blog. Hi!)